Falcon Flight is launching – only $0.99

Today’s our day!

It’s launch day for Falcon Flight (a medieval fantasy adventure),  $0.99 today 5/13, through Monday 5/16, click here. And be sure to grab your ebook copy of the first Chronicle, Falcon Heart, free the 13th – 16th. Click here.

Then my friends Mariella and Ashley’s books (I’ve read them, they’re very good) are a steal.

Click here for Under the Trees (a medieval romance) only $0.99, and here for Dissonance $2.99 (a medieval paranormal).

Also, Candace B. (you know who you are), you left the first review for Falcon Flight! I’d like to send you the print book – newly revised – for your wonderful review. Just email your shipping address to azaleadabill@gmail.com. Thank you again!

FYI We’re aiming for a hundred reviews for Falcon Heart and Falcon Flight. For your review on either of my books I’ll send you the companion book Lance and Quill (an Arabian sands medieval fantasy romance) for free in MOBI, PDF, or EPUB. Just let me know at azaleadabill@gmail.com, and be sure to include the link to your review on Amazon. That’s it!

Then – this is a little scary for me – unknown territory. I’ve had a couple people mention that Falcon Heart and Falcon Flight would make good movie material as an episodic or full-length movie. (Though my books are small potatoes at present: relatively unknown, though we hope to change that with our launch.)
After you’ve read the book or books, would you let me know what you think about a movie option? What my readers think is the most important. Would you love to see Kyrin’s adventures on the screen? 

Kingdom’s Fall update: work has been on hold for Falcon Flight’s launch, but will pick up again soon.

I’m also experimenting with an Amazon Giveaway here (Falcon Flight in Kindle), and a Goodreads Giveaway here (Falcon Flight – in print – starts the 15th). May yours be the chosen draw!

And if you like medieval poetry, see Falcon’s Ode in 10 lyrics on my Reader’s Swag page.

It’s not too late! Our 21 – book fantasy giveaway ends in three days. Share to enter now! 

Have a great day, thank you for sharing our launch, and enjoy your summer reads! 

Azalea Dabill


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