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Lyric I

Falcon's Ode Final Lyric 1_edited-1Falcon’s Ode, in 10 lyrics, which Kyrin created for her falcon, Samson, in Falcon Flight, sequel to Falcon Heart.

From various dictionaries: Ode – a poem with lines of varying lengths and complex rhythms, expressing the intense feelings of the poet. Meant to be sung or set to music. 

This is my gift to my visitors, readers, and reviewers. You are the best! Especially recently, this is for my reviewers Julia, Ember, and Candace. 

I will be adding another lyric almost daily, until 5/13/16, when Falcon Flight (Chronicle II) releases at $0.99. (FYI Falcon Heart, the first Chronicle, is free these same days, 5/13 – 5/16. Click here.

This Ode is for everyone. Share, steal, squeal at will, pin and let all in! LOL Please just add the link back so that others can find it.

Enjoy the adventure! 

Lyric II

Falcon's Ode Final Lyric 2_edited-2

Lyric III

Falcon's Ode Lyric 3_edited-1

Lyric IV

Falcon's Ode Lyric 4_edited-1

Lyric V

Falcon's Ode Lyric 5_edited-3

Lyric VI

Falcon's Ode Lyric 6_edited-3

Lyric VII

Falcon's Ode Lyric 7_edited-2

Lyric VIII

Falcon's Ode Lyric8_edited-3

Lyric IX

Falcon's Ode Lyric 9_edited-4

Lyric X

Falcon's Ode Lyric 10_edited-5

I hope you enjoyed Falcon’s Ode! Have a blessed day. :)