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Hi, I’m glad you’re here. 

I’m a writer and reader, and you’re a reader, right? Good.

We’re about clean fantasy adventure here. As Lynn says of the Falcon Chronicle,  “Exciting, engaging, rich. Adventure, intrigue, battles, all the elements of a good tale.”

The same goes for all great fantasy and if you’ve come this far, I think it safe to assume you want to dive into a new adventure. If that’s so, wonderful! We go for stories that call to mind Frodo’s Journey.

Parents, are you looking for books for a young adult that inspires even as it entertains? The Falcon Chronicle delivers clean fantasy that isn’t sanitized within an inch of its life. Skip the smut and keep the adventure, the reality of life.

We are not alone in our battle to overcome, in our longing for beauty, in our yearning for the mystery and wonder of new worlds.

If you want to skip to the good stuff –

  • You can discover Kyrin Cieri’s journey from slavery in a strange land of  camel raiders, whispering sands, and court intrigue to her escape and growth through rivals, love, and war  here Falcon Heart (Falcon Chronicle Book I). As well as all the other adventures in the Falcon Chronicle and beyond.
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