Scop Talk: A Scop is many things. A Shaper of Words …

Despise not small things. Large goals and accomplishments are made up of small goals and moments of experience.

Today I was overwhelmed by the demands of publishing, namely the push to be visible, the loudest visible, and I despaired of ever becoming a successful Indie author. And then I began to think again.

Was the hectic, demanding load I envisioned, a life? No, it was slavery.  Who demands it of me? God? No, He asks me to follow Him, and says He’ll take care of me. I demanded success of me, or I could not be content.

Success in the Publishing World’s terms, my terms, and His terms all differ. PW’s terms says a large piece of my genre’s pie, or nothing. My terms, as much as I can slave and scrabble for. His terms call me back to motive: to love Him, to love people, to love the life He gives generously.

My terms give to others in part, but more to the publishing machine and an unreal vision. Giving more of my time and heart to immediate visibility than to the people in my corner of the world skews rightful balance.

A Scop is what I am to be, in this moment. To shape words with all my hand and head and heart, for the good of you and I. Being a good Scop includes getting the word out, planning, and accomplishing goals of all sizes, but in moderation. The end must not supersede the moment.

Slavery to myself or a publishing paradigm is not living. Experiencing, sharing, and giving  with others like you is living.

In our wonderful universe of many excellent Scops, I will give myself to small things, to balanced goals; looking to my God and my bit of the world. The results are not in my hands; the motives that drive my actions, are.

Love small things, live free, experience life; find yourself yoked beside Him, with life and giving better than you thought it could be. Become a Scop in your bit of the world …





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