Falcon’s Ode

Falcon's Ode

Falcon’s Ode: Poetry Companion to the Falcon Chronicle

Join the Falcon Chronicle Poetic Adventure.

A medieval adventure in lyric verse.

Kyrin Cieri’s fantastic journey begins in Britannia, when the mists of trouble close around her and a falcon of swift courage. Enslaved and given an impossible task, will their tumultuous journey across sand and sea save Kyrin’s stronghold from power-hungry lords, the intrigue of the Caliph’s court, and a threat darker yet?

Falcon’s Ode can be read as a stand-alone epic poem or with the Falcon Chronicle.


His word, my fear encompassed.

“My gift thou wilt find thou hast.”

Blood from his hand, a drop on my flesh fast

declares the promise from immortal past.

“Traitors rise and are downcast.

Love, loyalty, courage marks the steadfast.”

By the sacrifice of the first and the last

the moment is vast.

I make my cast.

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