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I’m giving away some of my favorite fantasy books to help build my platform! All you need to do to win is follow me, you can enter down below. My book will be free on 3/13, so you can see if you like my writing. If you do, please leave a review!

I apologize-due to a mix-up I set the free day for 3/14. To make it up to you, I’m adding an extra day 3/15, to download Falcon Heart for free see below the giveaways.  Thank you, and enjoy the adventure!

YA Fantasy Books Giveaway


The giveaway is going great! Thanks to wonderful authors and readers like you!

I also set up a print book giveaway on Goodreads, you can enter here (it’s using the old cover in the preview…)

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More about Falcon Heart



“Falcon Heart by Azalea Dabill stands unique as a mix of medieval, romance, history, fantasy, and mystery with a strong Christian undercurrent. Written in flowing, fast-paced, poetic prose, it transports the reader to another place and time, rich in description and visual images. While very much a new genre to me, Ms. Dabill has done an amazing job of creating a story world that wraps the reader in its spell. For young adult readers on up, if you are intrigued by the timely themes of Christian vs. Arab culture as well as those already mentioned, you will not be disappointed.” -Norma Gail

Falcon Heart, the first book in an epic young adult fantasy series, is a historical adventure where Sherwood Smith’s Crown Duel meets Stephen Lawhead’s King Raven trilogy.

A band of slavers murder stronghold daughter Kyrin Cieri’s mother. Forced to sail for Araby with an exiled warrior from the East and a peasant girl closer than blood, she learns Subak from her husband-in-name to protect her from the raiders of the sands and the secrets of the caliph’s court.

A strange dagger pursues her through tiger-haunted dreams.

Will she live until she faces the sword that killed her mother and find justice for her blood? For she must return to her father’s side and take up the keys of her stronghold.

To keep her friends from a lingering death, Kyrin Cieri, keeper of the keys, takes up justice against hate and a dagger against her master’s sword. If she can pay the price the falcon dagger demands . . . and forfeit ever returning to her people.

Discover the legend of Kyrin Cieri, who adventures with her mother’s strange falcon dagger from Britain to Arabia and back.


Seliam ran in, swinging. His blade would cut her in half. She evaded the edge by a hair, screaming defiance in his ear, and struck.

The falcon slid clean from his stomach to his back. She followed the blade and slid her other arm about his neck from behind. Her dagger tip pricked his spine.

With bated breath, the crowd waited for his belly to spill. His body arched back, Seliam wavered, his blade loose in his hand, his breath wrenching hollow through him.

Ali leaned back in his chair, and Sirius struck his knee with a curse. Shema put her hand over her eyes.

Kyrin shouted, “Yield!”

Seliam fell limp. She staggered, unable to hold him with one arm, but unwilling to slide the falcon in her sash. Her hand quivered at his back.

She had reversed the blade. If she killed him, she broke Ali’s wager. Her falcon’s blunt haft sped toward his temple.

Sliding to drop onto his knees, Seliam unfolded with a snap. His oiled skin defeated her wild swipe. He whipped around and his blade tip raked her ankle as she sprang back.

Kyrin shook her leg; it burned, but he had not cut the tendon. He crouched, wary, his sword guarding.

Ali yelled, “Bring him down!”

It should have been finished; she could have killed Seliam. All knew it.

The white receded from his face, his burned-corn hair lank with sweat. He feinted, and studied her sideslip with passionless eyes, every sense focused. His eyes were slits, his mouth tight and bloodless. He meant to kill her.

And their masters meant to let him try.

“Never take your eyes off your enemy.” I won’t, my father. Kyrin slid into Seliam’s reach, and retreated. He followed with a cross-body slash, a moth to the flame of her body. He missed, then thrust one-handed for her stomach.

She side stepped and sprang. They thudded together. She aimed a stroke under his arm.

His elbow slammed into her dagger hand as he desperately pulled back to shield his ribs. The falcon dropped from her fingers, her fumbling hands captured his wrist. She kicked at his front leg; it gave. She spun him about, his sword falling free. She took him to the stones with the dull smack of flesh on rock. And landed with her knees in his back. This Arab would learn the cost of treachery.

Crossover: Find the Eternal, the Adventure

Get it on Amazon here.


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