July Stormpoint – Good Power vs. Evil Magick

How to know good power and evil magick in the spiritual arena, with examples from DJ Edwardson’s Grimbriar, and Jenelle Schmidt’s The Orb and the Airship.

We and our heroes and heroines bring various weapons and kinds of power to bear against characters who align themselves with oppression, selfish ambition, and sorcery. Our weapons [of warfare] hold power of different sorts, from a physical blade to mental gifting and beyond, which leads us to a deeper exploration of magic power. How can we know if unusual powers in other worlds are dark magick or sorcery? Special Powers in Fantasy—Are They a Talent, Gift, or Magic? Fantastic Journey pg. 213

DJ Edwardson’s Grimbriar is a tale of far lands and young Kion, his sister Tiryn, and Zinder and friends, including a pet frox, who struggle to overcome the evil in their world. With the help of their glaives, they take their place in the fight against the forces of Shadowriven who oppose the creation of the Mastersmith and all that is good. They are bladespeakers, and step out of legend into a world at war. The outcome hangs in doubt, while hearts are shaken and blades tested. And good power shows itself true, in contrast to evil magick. Not as we might think, in ends gained that appear good, but in every power that aligns with its Creator’s end, vs every power that seeks its own ends. Ironically, every person and power who seeks its own end finds its demise in fruitless selfishness.

“… I am a solif. One of the bryt ones from beyond the frames of this world. I have come to you at Volun the Mastersmith’s bidding, at the behest of the one who sustains this world and all that is in it by the unceasing work of his hammer, the hammer of his will. … for solif are beings of light and our bodies cannot pass farther beneath the waters than light itself may go. And yet, Volun does not send his servants to ends without purpose.”


Not without purpose. Good purpose is implied here, and a good end, opposing its opposite, evil, and all who follow that fruitless end.

As The Orb and the Airship demonstrates, “He did not know how things were going to end, but he now knew that even in the midst of the darkest night, there was always a shard of light.”

We may not know how a particular circumstance will end, but the very end, oh yes, the light wins out. For the shard of light is a glimmer of an essence destructive to darkness. There are three Persons who hate darkness and evil, and He will end it.

All evil will be justly dealt with. Is that not something to look forward to? And our purpose has just begun to unfold. Is that not something worth fighting for?

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