A Young Reader or Naked as Ducklings

In Klamath Falls library I met one of my first fans. I was looking at books in the young adult section (my current favorite) when I heard someone call “Azalea!” I turned.

Allyssa came eagerly toward me. Slight but beautiful at thirteen, with freckles, light brown hair, and sea-colored eyes, Allysa said, “Have you seen the incubator?”

I was puzzled. What incubator? What is she talking about? Then I remembered the glass aquarium I’d seen, with bedding, food, water, and a nest inside. I’d just spied the end of a head and bill in the nest, and yellowish feathers with black stripes. Ducklings.

Evidently, the over-sized sugar-bowl looking contraption next to the aquarium was an incubator. “No,” I said, “I haven’t seen the incubator. But I bet they’re cute.”

“Cute! They’re ugly.”

“Why?” I’m puzzled.

“They’re all wet and ugly.”

“Oh, you mean they look rather naked?”

“Uh-huh. And the boy there said that they’d stay to see one hatch. That can take all day!” Rather scornfully.

“I guess they haven’t grown up on a farm. I didn’t know that either, that it can take that long for them to hatch.”

Matter-of-factly, she gave a wise nod, “Yep.”

Staring at me, she said, “Are you writing any more books?”

“Yes. I’m working on a companion book to Falcon Flight right now, but there’s another one I have at home that you haven’t read yet, Lance and Quill. It’s the story of Kyrin’s sister by oath-of-hearth-and-salt; the Chronicle tale of her and Faisal.”

“Ohhh,” Allyssa smiles in anticipation. “I’ll probably stay up all night reading it.”

I smile too. What a young lady she’s become. “Well, I hope you enjoy it. I’m glad you like them.”

“The ducklings get cute in a day or two when they dry.”

“I’ll bet they do.” I shift my stack of books to my other arm. “I have to get to my writer’s group, but I’ll get Lance and Quill to you soon.”

“Ok. Thank you.”

In this way my young fan encouraged my heart, and I hope, yours.

We all begin as ugly ducklings. In our bodies, wet and wrinkled, in our hearts, and in whatever we are in the process of learning to do. As Kyrin’s Subak master says in Falcon Flight, “Never give up.”

You make a big difference – don’t give up. Walk in your adventure in life and hope. Sometimes it’s the difference of truth, or a day, or a moment in the life of another. Or one reader and fan.

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Azalea Dabill

Enjoy the adventure of life!


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