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I grew up in the California hills with my four siblings, building forts in the oaks. I remember the fuzzy-sweet smell of acorns and moss and oak-bark, the perfume of lupines and golden poppies under the summer sun. We didn’t have television, but we listened to the night-song of crickets and dreamed of our day’s adventures.

We hunted squirrels with bows (but never got any), rode our Red-flyer wagon down our mountain, and roamed far and wide.

Homeschooled, I learned to read early. I often read aloud to my brothers and sisters: the Classics, NarniaThe Young Trailers, and many fantasy adventures. Robin McKinley’s The Blue Sword enthralled me.

about_photoNow I enjoy growing things, old bookstores, and hiking the wild.

I have not found enough fantasy adventures of beauty, romance, and wonder. So I wrote Falcon Heart and my other novels for all of you who enjoy adventurous fantasy with threads of myth, romance, and mystery.

Words hold so much power. Enjoy them. Read. 

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Crossover: Find the Eternal, the Adventure.

Helpful Links for Reading and Writing Fantasy Adventure:

If you are an author and want to up your fantasy adventure word-count see: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Writing Life, by Rachel Aaron.

Or read a great series of fantasy adventure: Lisa Tawn Bergren’s River of Time. Or epic fantasy adventure author, Rachel Neumeier. I recommend her The Griffen Mage series. Or Serena Chase, author of sweet fantasy romance.

For even more wonderful reads see my “Great Reads” list on my Resources page.

If you want writing help:

Editing References

“Azalea Dabill has been an inspiration to me in her diligence to study and work toward her writing and editing goals. Her own writing displays depth of character and beautiful word pictures that transport the reader … to another realm. She is an asset to the Christian fiction industry.”

Jeanne Marie Leach
Author, Speaker, Freelance Fiction Editor, Writing Coach

“My experience with Azalea Dabill is that of a competent and gifted editor. Her guidance helped me move my manuscript from mundane to magnificent. Her spiritual and linguistic insight helped shape my story and kept me from making costly errors.

“… Once she established a format, I was better able to edit my work. Along the way, Azalea made many constructive and instructive comments which encouraged me to think outside the box, or in some cases, inside the head of my character. After all the edits were made, I pitched my story to a literary agent and it was accepted. Since then it has been submitted to major publishing houses for their review and I am confident it will soon find a home.

“… I highly recommend Azalea for anyone needing a critique, a gentle surgeon, a masterful technician of the English language and a friend to call upon her.”

Bryan M. Powell