Coming 2024 Falcon Dagger Book #3

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Coming 2024 Falcon Dagger Book #3


Familiar human frailties, a lie, betrayal, and oath-breaking.

The lie was planted by northlords who pursued wealth and power by unlawful means. It began with a small lie, as men call it, that a man can can craft his destiny. The destructive seed grew in the fertile ground of belief that no oath among men is worth an alliance heralding betterment. It stretched upward in the battles of a young first daughter and the exile of a warrior. It bloomed in the betrayal of a Brother’s hope. It bore fruit in the search for a lost sword. It shadowed a land of broken oaths.

So the lie waxed by sinuous, deadly, hidden ways to bring about a kingdom’s fall. Until one man refused the lie. And the falcon dagger returned. This time, it opposed a kingdom.

Will truth arise, or all will end in ash?

Dynamos Press

Crossover - Find the Eternal, the Adventure

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