32 Free How to Write Fantasy PDFs


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Free PDFs for authors: The 32 Components of Writing Fiction

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The First Chapter

Novel Formatting

Point of View                                                                        

Viewing Scenes as Mini Stories

Motivation Reaction Units

Five Senses and Beyond

Active vs. Passive                                                                          

Character Development

Goals, Motivation, and Conflict

Plots and Subplots

Showing vs. Telling                                                                  

Writing Style

Book Titles

Author Intrusion

Prologues and Epilogues

Foreshadowing, Flash-forward, and Red Herrings

Flash-backs or Backstory

Opening and Ending Hooks

Resist the Urge to Explain


Information Dumps

Cut the Flab, and Abolish Redundancy

Interior Monologue and Direct Thoughts

Matching Dialogue to Characters

Metaphors and Similes


Consistency, Mirror Effect, Logic

Overused Words

Purple Prose and Stilted Writing

Pet Phrases and Words


Editing Triage