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The falcon blade holds the secret of their hope or doom.

Long lost first daughter of her stronghold, Kyrin returns to Britannia from slavery in Araby at the command of the wazir. But the wazir seeks the power of the death touch at any cost. Kyrin's adopted father refuses to give him the deadly knowledge.

When the wazir takes him hostage, Kyrin and her sister rescue him and flee into the desert. Then she departs for Britannia alone, for Kyrin must lift the price from their heads.

Yet all is not well at home. Ambitious lords and the intrigue she left behind in Araby engulf Kyrin's stronghold. Torn between a lord's son she has sworn never to hand-fast, a rival, and her father's life, Kyrin struggles to hold her people and her lands. But the falcon dagger is the key to life, death, and a traitor deeper yet. She must become who she was born to be or all will end in ash.

Falcon Flight is the second teen and young adult fantasy adventure in the Falcon Chronicle series, with threads of the supernatural and sweet romance. Love, found family, and power collide, marking a clash of cultures.

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