2016 March YA Fantasy Blog Letter

Well, I’m getting on to adventure.

Journey beginning . . .

Journey beginning . . .

First, a bit of news:

I’m excited and just wanted to encourage you all that our fans really appreciate us taking time to talk to them.

Yesterday I emailed Rachel Neumeier of the Griffin Mage trilogy, The Floating Islands, etc., asking to order a signed copy of her new book Keeper of the Mist that is coming out for my book giveaway that Derek is helping me set up. *Giveaway coming soon.*

(I’m not advertising the giveaway as being signed copies, since I’m not sure all of them will make it, but I did email every author in my giveaway about whether they’d like to share/link back to help their readers also. Derek’s good tip. :))

And Rachel emailed me back this morning! I’ve been a big fan of her books. It meant so much that she talked to me. She also offered Keeper of the Mist for free, and wants to link back to the giveaway.

So take time with people–that’s what we’re about anyway–or should be, right?  This all goes to show that, dear YA fantasy Readers, we need your encouragement, and you need ours too. Commit to encouraging each other. With a smile, a share, a kind word. Whatever fits the moment.

Keep on keeping on!


I wrote a review of CJ Redwine’s new release, The Shadow Queen. No, I won’t tell you what I thought of it here–you just have to check out this YA site–you won’t regret it.


I’m currently working toward releasing Falcon Heart and Falcon Flight in May. Stay tuned for updates!

And I’m not a blogger, so I can promise I won’t overwhelm you with more than a few emails a month. LOL

Thank you for reading! If you like this post please share it with your friends–or comment below
with questions or your opinion. I’ll do my best to answer in a timely way.
Until next month, or there is urgent news to share,
Yours sincerely,
Azalea Dabill

Crossover: Find the Eternal, the Adventure


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