E   Expand your writing skills. Edit in your voice. Make your book what it was born to be.

Find your place between dry expertise and purple prose.

Develop your style in the vein of Robin McKinley, Jeffrey Overstreet, Stephen Lawhead, C. J. Redwine, Lisa T. Bergrin, and Rachel Neumeier.

Contact me for a 3-page free critique, or for a manuscript estimate.

I edit non-fiction, crossover fiction, and genre novels: Historical suspense, Sci-Fi, fantasy and adventure. Nothing bordering on erotica, but “sweet and warm” romance threads are fine. Violence for the sake of the story is fine – I write about medieval warfare and martial arts in my historical fantasy Chronicle.

Are you an independent publisher, or do you need a fresh pair of eyes? I’m here to gently catch those slip-through mistakes and guide you forward on your writing journey to a deeper grasp of your creative writing skills.

On the first steps of your writing path? I will answer your questions and lead you through tried and true creative writing skills and techniques.

Stuck? Not sure where to go next with your characters or story-line, or what to do with advice given to you? I’ll pass on to you the creative writing skills many writers shared with me. I’ll show you how to shake loose and discover your own path.

A writer with a completed manuscript? Congratulations! Many writers never make it this far.

Present a polished work to agents, editors, and readers. Let me show you your strengths and how to polish your weak areas with creative writing. You approve any changes before they are made.

Crossover: Find the Eternal, the Adventure.

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Prices apply to pages that are double-spaced, approximately 250 words per page, or 750 words. For example, 250 words x 350 manuscript pages, or 87,500 words would cost $700 for a copyedit. Send me a 3 page sample! Feel free to contrast and compare my price and skill with other editors. 

Basic writing critique of first 3 pages: Free

The free critique determines the extent of editing necessary on your manuscript, and gives you a feel for how my editing style fits you. I use Track Changes in Word 2007 and will return your free critique within five business days. In addition, you will receive a Writing Assessment Sheet with noted weaknesses and strengths, and free instructional flyers.

Basic copyedit: $2.00 a page

I check for punctuation, grammar, formatting and typographical errors, inconsistencies in point of view and tense, redundancies, and sentence clarity in your manuscript. I flag names, titles, and quotes the author needs to check for accuracy.

In-depth copyedit: $3 a page

In addition to the basic copyedit above, an in-depth copyedit checks for content, dialogue, plot and character development, setting, lack of conflict, and author tone or voice in your manuscript, including the remaining 32 components of writing fiction.

Developmental edit: $5 a page

Includes an in-depth copyedit and the 32 components of fiction, applied by the editor to the author’s work, with the author’s approval. Cost negotiable depending on editing/replacement level required.

Proofreading: $2 a page

The final read through for a manuscript ready for your editor, agent, or publisher. I will scrutinize the manuscript for formatting and typographical errors, grammar and punctuation.

Critique of first chapter: $35 Length limit 15 pages

An overall assessment of your writing strengths and challenges. Includes flyers on how to implement the 32 components of fiction in your work.


I help authors like you find their place between dry expertise and purple prose. Develop your poetic voice, your unique writing style, whether you write fiction or non-fiction.

Crossover: Find the Eternal, the Adventure.

And don’t forget your free 3 page critique!

See my Contact page for payment options and where to send your first 3 pages for a free critique.

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