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I write fantasy. Young adult and medieval . . .

Clean fantasy with threads of mystery, beauty, and adventure.

Fantasy draws us into journeys through mountains, deserts, and cities – under stars near and far. Fantasy sub-genres reveal kings and kingdoms in love and war, and characters that struggle toward hope. Fantasy draws us into conflict with other minds and alliance with other souls.

We are not alone in our battle to overcome, in our longing for beauty, our search for a sense of mystery in new worlds. 

Great fantasy like Anna Thayer’s The Knight of Eldaran trilogy; Andrew Peterson’s The Wingfeather Saga; Elizabeth Stengl’s Dragonwitch; and K. M. Weiland’s Wayfarer and Dreamlander bring us through hope and despair, weakness and strength to behold evil and good and the promise of a new future.

As readers of clean fantasy, many of us seek hope in adventure, delighting in hearts forged true, and find security in eternal things.

Wound as a living thread through all epic fantasy, within the eternal there is a call.

That clarion call rings across the worlds: A cry of hope.

That hope is especially clear in what I describe as mythic fantasy; new worlds reflecting our Creator, our relationship to Him and to each other. 

Cross over the wall of unbelief and defeat evil, a closed mind, and boredom; all ruthless enemies of goodness, learning, and delight. Discover clean fantasy for yourself. 

Find one eternal adventure in The Falcon Chronicle series of YA and fantasy adventure.

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Other Titles Available:

Falcon Heart, Lance and Quill, Falcon’s Ode.

Falcon Dagger is coming soon.

Falcon Chronicle

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Enter medieval Araby and Britannia with Kyrin Cieri, stronghold first-daughter. A picture feast.

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headshotAuthor Bio: 

I love hiking outdoors where the green smells and unknown horizons call me to spunky and spontaneous adventure. Fantasy with hints of mystery is my reading and writing love. Laughing and keeping the eternal in view helps me overcome. Northern Idaho is my home, while music takes me to other wondrous places. To name a few soundtracks: LOTR, 13th Warrior, King Raven, The Katurran Odyssey, The Last Samurai,  Enya, and Eragon. Epic fantasy takes me where I long to roam among  glorious adventures. 

Long live authors and readers!

Editor Bio:

A life-time lover of books, Azalea took writing classes with her Associate of Science, devours writing how-to books from James Scott Bell to Deborah Chester, and critiques other manuscripts for her online critique group, Fantasy for Christ. She’s a member of The Christian PEN and the American Copy Editors Society.