A   Azalea

Falcon Heart and my other books are written for everyone who enjoys fantasy adventure  with threads of beauty, romance, and mystery.

Words hold so much power. 

I grew up in the California hills with my four siblings, building forts in the oaks.

The fuzzy-sweet scent of acorns and moss rounded the strong, delicate perfume of lupine and golden poppies under the summer sun. We didn’t have TV in the evenings but listened to the night-song of crickets and dreamed of our day’s adventures. We hunted ground squirrels with our home-made bows – but never got any, rode our Red-flyer wagon down our mountain, and roamed far and wide.

I learned to read early and entertained my brothers and sisters with many stories. They loved NarniaThe Young Trailers, and extraordinary fantasy. Robin McKinley’s The Blue Sword enthralled me.

I have never found enough fantasy adventure with threads of beauty, mystery, and wonder.

about_photoNow I enjoy old bookstores, family, and hiking the wild.

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Crossover: Find the Eternal, the Adventure.