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A Bit of Soul Baring: Or Glimpses of Adventure

Publishing Update:

For my readers or soon to be readers: Falcon Heart is scheduled back from my editor (professional editors do have their own editors) within the month. After corrections,  Falcon Heart is in queue for formatting in InDesign for e-book and print, and to have a cover of art work designed, with interior art added. The art work and cover are in progress.

Falcon Heart is in the works, and I plan to release this title by December 2014 or earlier.

Meanwhile, the sequel Falcon Flight is going chapter by chapter through my crit group, then it will go through another revision, then off to beta readers, then my editor, and back for a final revision.

If you like historical fantasy and want to join my beta reader team, contact me at

Keep alert for upcoming sneak peeks of Falcon Heart.

Now an Author’s thought for the day:

There is a purity to the writer’s work. With concentration, it can drive away all kinds of ill winds and disturbing thoughts.

Others have written better than you. Still others will surpass you in the future. Would you want things to be otherwise? Better to accept that we all get our turn at excellence.

This acceptance makes your turn draw closer.

It is deadly to compare ourselves to other writers. Those writers have not lived our lives. They cannot tell our stories.

The telling of your own story is an act of complete absorption. It leaves no room for nibbling, negative thoughts. It drives away everything but what is true and right for this story.

Today, I’ll let my work provide relief from envy and self-doubt. It is ready to sweep me away to a place where comparisons do not matter.

–A good quote from Susan Shaughnessy’s Walking on Alligators, pg 53

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Envy is a con man, a tugger at your sleeve, a knocker at your door. Let me in for just a moment, it says, for just one moment of your time. … The antidote to envy is one’s own work. Not the thinking about it. Not the assessing of it. But the doing of it. The answers you want can come only from the work itself. It drives the spooks away.

–Bonita Freedman, from Walking on Alligators, by Susan Shaughnessy.

And, I would add, envy kills your joy in your work, your work that none other can do.



Scop Talk: A Scop is many things. A Shaper of Words …

Despise not small things. Large goals and accomplishments are made up of small goals and moments of experience.

Today I was overwhelmed by the demands of publishing, namely the push to be visible, the loudest visible, and I despaired of ever becoming a successful Indie author. And then I began to think again.

Was the hectic, demanding load I envisioned, a life? No, it was slavery.  Who demands it of me? God? No, He asks me to follow Him, and says He’ll take care of me. I demanded success of me, or I could not be content.

Success in the Publishing World’s terms, my terms, and His terms all differ. PW’s terms says a large piece of my genre’s pie, or nothing. My terms, as much as I can slave and scrabble for. His terms call me back to motive: to love Him, to love people, to love the life He gives generously.

My terms give to others in part, but more to the publishing machine and an unreal vision. Giving more of my time and heart to immediate visibility than to the people in my corner of the world skews rightful balance.

A Scop is what I am to be, in this moment. To shape words with all my hand and head and heart, for the good of you and I. Being a good Scop includes getting the word out, planning, and accomplishing goals of all sizes, but in moderation. The end must not supersede the moment.

Slavery to myself or a publishing paradigm is not living. Experiencing, sharing, and giving  with others like you is living.

In our wonderful universe of many excellent Scops, I will give myself to small things, to balanced goals; looking to my God and my bit of the world. The results are not in my hands; the motives that drive my actions, are.

Love small things, live free, experience life; find yourself yoked beside Him, with life and giving better than you thought it could be. Become a Scop in your bit of the world …