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A Bit of Soul Baring: Or Glimpses of an Adventure

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Let yourself play . . .

God gave you and I our love of words, whether we speak or write them. The possibilities for good or evil within words are many: in the working out of imagination minds, hearts, and souls are revealed.

Adventure, the brave fight, compassion, perseverance–I enjoy writing from the mind of a character involved with these. But I fall for the lie that I have no time to play with words.

Deadlines, doubts, or fear of the outcome of my work often steal my joy. I peg steadily at my keyboard, a frown on my face.

“Life is all serious work.”

What if the Creator of all ordered you to play? Play seriously? To probe the full range of your gifted ability? Eager, excited over each new discovery?

After all, what is play but enjoying and pushing and testing, smiling at the scope of what you are doing?

I know of no play that accomplishes nothing. Often when the least is done outside, the soul gains most. Ask the Giver of all good things for strength to seize the joy of play He has put within you.

Fight for that joy against dull duty, heartless worry, and torturing fears. Kindle the fire of love and joy. Play. All good things exist because of Him.

Do not fear. It is His joy to give you the kingdom. He invented play.




Hello, welcome to a world of Adventure!



Why am I turning to Artisanal publishing?

Am I rebelling against established publishing Gatekeepers, am I cynical about the destiny of writers, or am I an adventurer by habit?

No, no, and no.

Writing and publishing make hard, though fun work, whether I become an Artisan or go traditional. Why not craft my works, invest more, and eat the fruit of my labor instead of the peelings?

A labor of love involves excellence, integrity, and beauty. That is my definition of art—and art grows when it is appreciated.

I wrote Falcon Heart to be available. I don’t want it out of print in a year if it’s not a bestseller; Falcon Heart is worth reading.

I use my Artisanal craft to entertain, explore worlds, and leave a legacy. My Creator loves and makes good things for everyone.

I write for the reward of His smile, the joy of shaping the tale, and to put food in my mouth—at least, soul-food.

This is why I am an Artisanal publisher of my work, and someday, maybe of others’ works.

Whether you are a reader, an Indie writer or somewhere between, find freebies, editing services, and books here. Books coming soon.

Join me and Crossover: Find the Eternal, the Adventure!


“Scop Talk”: Bard, Minstrel, Scop.

A Scop is many things. A Shaper of Words to fit events, hearts, and thoughts: a shaper of words to help us see truth.


A Scop bares his heart before the great Heart, and so can see clearer into other hearts. A Scop strives to be true, for he seeks what truth words can contain. A Scop is one who makes us laugh, who makes us weep, who leads us to live to the uttermost.

A Scop truly lives—flawed, yes, but reaching upward. The adventure, the mystery, the truth in life, calls a Scop to search it out and name it. A Scop crafts for the good of you and I with all his hand and head and heart. Come be a Scop with me.