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Love against hate, dagger against sword.

Slavers seize Kyrin from the coast of Britannia and sail for Araby. With a dagger from her murdered mother's hand, an exiled warrior from the East, and a peasant closer than a sister by blood, Kyrin is determined to overcome her fear of the blade and escape. But the falcon dagger is at the root of intrigue, martial skill, and danger within the caliph's court. It shadows her through tiger-haunted dreams, love, and battle in the Araby sands.

To defeat her treacherous master and save those she loves, Kyrin must face a slave of the Caliph and the blade that killed her mother, dagger against sword.

Falcon Heart is the first epic adventure in a teen and young adult medieval fantasy series with threads of mystery, martial art, and multicultural conflict. Here teens come of age and find their place in a dangerous world.

Editorial note: Exciting, engaging, rich. Adventure, intrigue, battles, all the elements of a good tale. -Lynn Leissler

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