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Falcon Chronicle Book #1, #2, #2.5 Description:

The falcon blade holds the secret of their hope or doom.

Falcon Heart:

Slavers seize Kyrin from the coast of Britannia and sail for Araby. With a dagger from her murdered mother's hand, an exiled warrior from the East, and a peasant closer than a sister by blood, Kyrin is determined to overcome her fear of the blade and escape. But the falcon dagger is at the root of intrigue, martial skill, and danger within the caliph's court. It shadows her through tiger haunted dreams, love, and battle in the Araby sands.

Falcon Flight:

Long lost first daughter of her stronghold, Kyrin returns to Britannia from slavery in Araby at the command of the wazir.

Yet all is not well at home. When the wazir seeks the power of the death touch at any cost, ambitious lords and the intrigue she left behind in Araby engulf Kyrin's stronghold. Torn between a lord's son she has sworn never to hand-fast, a rival, and her father's life, Kyrin struggles to hold her people and lands despite their enemies' plots. But the falcon dagger is the key to life, death, and a traitor deeper yet.

Lance and Quill:

Alaina must put down her quill and her healer's bag to take up the staff of war when she flees the wazir's rose perfume and court gardens to seek refuge with a prince of the sands. But she must keep her identity hidden from the tribe, even as she faces Faisal's rival. Falling in love with a prince she is not worthy of, Alaina falls yet again to his rival's cunning schemes. For a traitor lurks in the Oasis of Oaths.

When the wazir's Hand discovers them and enemies converge, the tiger, the falcon, and the blade are the hope of Cierheld or its doom. The heroines must become who they were born to be, or all will end in ash.

The Falcon Chronicle series is an adventure from Britannia to Araby and back, from the black tents of the sands to the highest courts of the king. A young adult medieval fantasy with threads of epic adventure and mystery, this coming of age story highlights the supernatural and sweet romance. Here love, found family, and power collide. Cultures clash and teens come of age in an epic tale featuring martial art, unbreakable friendship, and a lady of battle.

Dynamos Press

Crossover - Find the Eternal, the Adventure

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