Lance and Quill Update


Old grunge paper.

Hello all!

Proofing Lance and Quill is going well—I’m now at page 76 of 170. My ASUS PC, only four months old, is going back to the factory under warranty. So I’m on my laptop with no way to format in InDesign or tweak covers in Photoshop Elements. But I should have my PC back in a couple weeks. I’m working on it!

I’ve been reading Sherwood Smith’s Twice a Prince, and admiring the humor in it. Much of the humor is good. You do have to ignore a reference or two to Eastern philosophy, but there is much good in her writing. A sense of family, loyalty, and compassion, gotten across in a rousing adventure.

Speaking of adventure, it’s been a whirl with the release of Falcon Heart. I thank you all for your support in so many ways. Your good wishes and enthusiastic admiration have meant a lot. But also, don’t be afraid to mention weaknesses you see in the book in your reviews. If you would let me know two weaknesses or things you believe could be improved, as well as two strengths in Falcon Heart, I would be grateful.

We writers need all the help we can get, and I want to write adventures you enjoy. I will do my best to use your insights well.

Thanks so much,




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