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Why am I turning to Artisanal publishing?

Am I rebelling against established publishing Gatekeepers, am I cynical about the destiny of writers, or am I an adventurer by habit?

No, no, and no.

Writing and publishing make hard, though fun work, whether I become an Artisan or go traditional. Why not craft my works, invest more, and eat the fruit of my labor instead of the peelings?

A labor of love involves excellence, integrity, and beauty. That is my definition of art—and art grows when it is appreciated.

I wrote Falcon Heart to be available. I don’t want it out of print in a year if it’s not a bestseller; Falcon Heart is worth reading.

I use my Artisanal craft to entertain, explore worlds, and leave a legacy. My Creator loves and makes good things for everyone.

I write for the reward of His smile, the joy of shaping the tale, and to put food in my mouth—at least, soul-food.

This is why I am an Artisanal publisher of my work, and someday, maybe of others’ works.

Whether you are a reader, an Indie writer or somewhere between, find freebies, editing services, and books here. Books coming soon.

Join me and Crossover: Find the Eternal, the Adventure!


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