And we have a winner!

We have a winner for the Epic YA Fantasy 21 – book Giveaway! Sharon of the UK, with her entry 1498. Congratulations! We hope you enjoy your 21 summer reads. 🙂

The winner of my earlier YA Fantasy Books Giveaway with The Beauty of Darkness will be announced soon.

The Amazon Giveaway for an ebook of Falcon Flight ends June 4th or when the 3 ebooks have been won. 

The Goodreads Giveaway of Falcon Flight, for a print book, ends May 22, 2016.

I’d also like to share this with you:

I’ve been reading Anna Thayer’s The Knight of Eldaran trilogy for the second time, and thought this excerpt from book 3 The Broken Blade, might perk your interest in this great series. It is high epic fantasy at its best.

Eamon approached the terrified, blood-stained man. He remembered – how he remembered! – the day when he had offered his sword to Giles …

He met the lieutenant’s fearful gaze. “They are granted,” Eamon answered, taking the sword from him, “and I accept your surrender.”

The man stared at him speechlessly. Then he drew himself up. “Who takes Edesfield’s surrender?” the lieutenant stammered. …

“One who knows it, and loves it well. My name is Eamon Goodman, and I am First Knight to the King.”

“Goodman,” the lieutenant whispered. Recognition hit the man’s face with a blow keener than that of any blade. Then the man turned the standard in his hands and held it out. “We surrender to you, First Knight, and hope for your King’s mercy.”

The lieutenant laid the banner in his hands; it was heavy and blood-smeared. Eamon took it. Tears filled his eyes, and joy shook his heart. In Edesfield had Ede been betrayed; in Edesfield had he and Hughan found refuge for a time. Now the town’s standard – and it’s Gauntlet – had been won back to the King. “You shall have the King’s mercy . . .”

Here’s the links if you want to check the trilogy out, just click on the cover. I have the print version. It’s a great and delightful tale, worth every word.

Thank you all, and have a wonderful day!

Keep an eye on upcoming posts for a blog party gathering near the end of the month. New books, prizes, authors, games . . . It’s in the works. 🙂

Azalea Dabill


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